Coffin Club Hastings - plan your perfect send off!

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Coffin Club Hastings - plan your perfect send off!

Postby katet » Thu May 30, 2019 8:53 am

Coffin Club season five starts on 12th June and runs for 6 weeks, for 3 hours on a Wednesday morning. It's a one-hour talk followed by tea/coffee break and then, the intrepid souls that want to stay and do a coffin, hang on for the last 1.5 hours to get on with their decorating. You get a funeral wish list to fill out and each week you can ask questions and add to your knowledge of the funeral industry, allowing you to plan, and cost, your perfect send-off. And, it's jolly good fun, a right laugh and you'll make some super new friends to invite along to your funeral! For more info go to or email

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