Coffee morning/social/craft group - is anyone interested?

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Re: Coffee morning/social/craft group - is anyone interested

Postby Richard » Fri Feb 15, 2013 6:40 pm

I suspect that we need to implement 'Plan B' in the absence of a firm Venue.
Ideally we would have a meeting place with a chance to chat about the purpose of the group.

1. Perhaps start off with meeting venues at homes of members of the group who are able to accomodate a few people - which is all there will be initially, in all probability.

2. We need to meet for casual discussions, coffee, drop-in etcetera.

3. We have to consider what Crafts we can do in either a rented space or at colleges / institutes in the locality.

4. Swap ideas and local knowledge appropriate to the group.

5. Many Crafts can be done at home, but with group support and feedback it adds up to a much better environment and direction.

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