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Re: St Margarets School St Helens - Hastings

Postby Anthea » Tue Aug 25, 2015 6:09 pm

Additional comment. I moved back to England nine years after my dear husband died. Fortunately, I very much enjoy living in Somerset and Jasper has a much better life, with far better walks than when we lived south of San Diego.

Jenifer Foster
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Re: St Margarets School St Helens - Hastings

Postby Jenifer Foster » Sun Oct 04, 2015 11:26 pm

Hello Anthea. This is Jenifer Foster, Jenifer Moore at the time. I was at St. Margarets between 1954 and 1958. We were in the same dorm a each other at one point before moving to merrivale. I remember you had a lovely picture of your parent by your bed, your father was wearing a naval uniform you said he was a captain on the Ark Royal. You also mentioned your grandmother who lived in Honeyton, Devon. I remember all the girls you mentioned, especially the two Persian girls, I often wondered what happened to them as my parents were in Iran and Iraq at the time, they mentioned that their parents were attached to the Royal family of Iran but I didn't know the details. Thank you for some of the details. Do you remember me? Jenifer Moore? I am living in Southern California in Ventura just south of Santa Barbara, quite close to you at one point. I am happily married and have two grown children a boy and a girl and three grand children. Hope you read this and get back to me.

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Re: St Margarets School St Helens - Hastings

Postby TonyMilne » Mon May 16, 2016 9:40 pm

Have just stumbled on this Forum, and rekindling my interest at Hurst Court. I attended from 1953 to 1957. I remember Anthea at St Margarets through her brother Richard, a contemporary of mine. I well remember Sunday mornings when both schools' boarders trooped over to the church for morning service. Have both school buildings been demolished? I only once returned as an "old boy" in about 1964. Living near Reading, it is rather a long drive to make.
Would love to hear from anyone who might read this.

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Gerry Glyde
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Re: St Margarets School St Helens - Hastings

Postby Gerry Glyde » Wed May 18, 2016 5:25 pm

Hurst Court was demolished about 2 years ago. In the 1970s it was used as a conference centre amongst other things for youth residential courses. I attended several.

If you want to see a photo immediately before it was demolished put in a search bar

Hurst Court Ridge Hastings . There is a photo in the Sussex Express item

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Re: St Margarets School St Helens - Hastings

Postby smcgrath » Thu Aug 30, 2018 10:47 am

Hello everyone!
My name is Sheelagh McGrath and I was at St Margarets in 1954/55 approx., having not long returned from Southern Rhodesia, as it was then.
I remember Deanne Houghton and can't recall anyone else at this time, although I hope to have my memory jogged.
I was a boarder and slept in the 7 room.
My teacher was Miss Pearce, a wonderful woman.
I remember classes in the building you call Merrivale.
Miss Batty was a terrible woman and I was often in trouble.
At one time I had to sleep in the isolation room for 10 days and sit on the red chair in the hall outside her study and eat on my own in the dining room. It really was a "do the girls hall." Charles Dickens would have had a field day.
Such a shame, as most of the girls and teachers were very pleasant. I don't remember the Matron's name but her bedroom was opposite the 7 room and she often heard us giggling.
If anyone remembers me or Deanne please let me know!
I have pics of the school when I returned there with my middle daughter and it had then become a nursing home. I'll have to find them and post them.
I now live in Australia.
Would love to hear from you all.
Sheelagh Wannop (McGrath)

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