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Ramin Rohgar
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Re: Spyway School

Postby Ramin Rohgar » Mon Jul 01, 2019 8:44 pm

Mohammed T wrote:
My name is Mohammed Thawadi, I joined the school in 1978 and it was a language school for foreigners and was located in 2 areas, 1 was close to Handly and the 2nd was in swanage, unfortunately i could not recall the name of the language school in Handly. than all the student were combined in one school which was spyway school. I think it was 1979. I was 15 years old and most of the students were from Iran. I do have some photos of the students. I will try to scan them from my old album and send them. I do recall that Mr. Norman use to favor the students from Thailand over the rest and use to travel with them during the summer break. The student which i know was from 1978 to 1979. I remember the name of the girls who work at Kitchen Nikki, Sara and Mandi. Mandi was very close friend I hope I can get in touch with her from this forum.

Dear Mohammed T, I remember you my old friend, we were in the same Dormitory at West Woodyates Manor, I was there from 1977 to 1979, I still have a picture of you when we were in the Cricket team and the football team. I remember Mohammed Shariati from Tehran, Fardin from Tehran, Herach (Armenian Iranian) and Bulent (from Turkey).
Its a great shame about the news of Norman Wingfield and Henry the PE teacher. I do remember the Thai boys sleeping in his room but I always though Henry was English not Polish ad he was a decent guy. I remember when they were moving everyone to Spayway me and my sister Roya did not go and we moved to a regular school and you left to go to Swanage.

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Re: Spyway School

Postby copytaster » Sun Jul 07, 2019 5:51 am

Mohammed T and everyone,

I was in Swanage, Dorset, the summer of 1977 only. I was 10 years. We got 40p pocket money every day. How much pocket money did you get everyday? They were religious about pocket money, tuck time, and five meals a day: breakfast, tea (orange juice and biscuits) lunch, a second tea, then dinner. Stacks of white bread and white boiled potatoes and salad cream stick in my mind. The only reason I was sent there was to learn how to swim and because a family friend's son was attending that summer camp. His name was Farzam Motlagh. I had two good friends in the summer camp, Matthew and Cyrus Vafi. Remember all the dance parties? Remember Abba and singing money, money, money? Most of the students were Persian, but there was a nice mix of Europeans and Saudis. We had so much fun in our dormitory. We used to have late night parties. I had a radio from the USA and it picked up a local British police channel. I also had an etch-a-sketch and a skateboard that everybody wanted. I sold my skateboard to a Saudi student for five pound then a Norwegian student was furious saying that he would have paid eight pounds for it. Skateboards were new then and mostly an American novelty. Only two other Americans showed up in the camp, a brother/sister team the last two weeks of that summer. Elvis Presley died on August 18, 1977, while I was there. Remember Polo mins for just 2p a roll; candy bars for just 5p; Maltesers for I forget how much; cans of Coke for 10p? We used to shake them up and explode them.

I had lived in Tehran the summer of 1973 and the school year of 1975/76. Remember Tehran in 1970s? Brownies were just two rials and milkshakes at the American Club were just five rials. Tall bottles of 7 UP were ten rials. They had home-delivered pizza in Tehran before we had it in America!

Please try to find a picture of "Mandi" that beautiful Persian girl who had to have been just 10 or 11 years old when I was there. The boys and girls slept separately while I was there. Mandi was stunningly beautiful. I dream about here to this day! Norman was "English." Let's leave it at that. He called me and Farzam in to watch Charlie's Angels with him once, but never tried to anything inappropriate. Let that go.

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Re: Spyway School

Postby Kellbell1978 » Thu Feb 04, 2021 2:41 am

Hey guys n girls Kelly here i remember a few of u on here i went to spyway 4 abt 3yrs till it closed some happy memories there. Nita n gina hello nicola n susan were in my dorm we had sum fun nights the tails i tell my kids lol n iv even gt my St. John ambulance picture on my facebook we look quite sweet! I hope u r all well n safe x

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Re: Spyway School

Postby GeorgeW » Fri Feb 19, 2021 9:17 pm

Hi there

My name is George I attended Spyways in the early 80s I must have been around 7 or 8 I think, probably one of the few British kids there,

I’m interested in making contact with anyone who around that time, before or after who were affected by events there.

I do remember some of the boys who used to sleep in my dorm and keen to know more about how they are now.


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Re: Spyway School

Postby copytaster » Wed Feb 24, 2021 7:28 pm

By George!

Sorry, I couldn't resist. Reminds me of Boy George who was just taking off in the early 80s.

I was at Spyway the summer of 1977. Comparing that to the early 80s is like comparing Mars to Venus. ABBA was the thing in '77. Polo mints were just 2p. Everything was so happy and so much fun. There were one or two other Yanks there. No Brits at all.

I just graduated University of Wolverhampton's LLM/CPE and plan on starting BPP University's LLM Legal Practice (Solicitors) course this September. I want to do the two-year training contract in an English law firm in Washington, DC. They said that would be fine.

Dad sent me to Swanage surreptitiously to learn how to swim. Did you swim in the same indoor pool down the hill from the main building? I'm sure you did.

I think Charles still worked there when you were there in the early 80s. Remember Charles? He used to smoke in front of us. He had black hair.

All the best.

Gregory Greer

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