Takeaways operating during the lockdown

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Re: Takeaways operating during the lockdown

Postby seahermit » Thu May 28, 2020 12:37 am

I sometimes used to get Greek takeaways in London. In St Leonards, there was (prior to the lockdown) the van parked on the promenade just beyond the Royal Victoria Hotel. Run by a couple of women I think, very Greek-looking menus, always a huge queue, so it must have been popular. I never got round to trying it, so hoping very much they surface again!

I cannot stand most takeaway food but somehow Chinese always seems delicious and more healthy. Well, more crunchy and veggie anyway! My favourite is still the Norman Road one, I'm sure there are other good ones.

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Re: Takeaways operating during the lockdown

Postby Richard » Thu May 28, 2020 10:02 am

Junk food and sugary drinks sold by fast-food outlets make an important contribution to the UK epidemic of obesity and diabetes, with some of the heaviest concentrations of fast food found in England’s poorest and most deprived neighbourhoods.
Fast food outlets try to set up shop near schools and local councils attempt to block such planning applications. Beside the usual culprits 'Greggs' is know classed as one too.

A good fish and chips can be quite satisfying once in a while, as long as the fish is not too old! Indian or Chinese takeaways I would not eat unless as a lazy meal after drinking, once or twice a year!
hic! :)

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