It's a P. C. World!

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Derek Jempson
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It's a P. C. World!

Postby Derek Jempson » Sun Jan 29, 2017 6:24 pm

In the Mail on Sunday, I read today that the British Medical Association has issued a guideline to the effect that medical staff should no longer use the phrase "pregnant women" for fear of offending trans-gender folk. Instead, they should refer to "pregnant persons". OK - here's another little piece of nonsense. Imagine a conversation between a P.C. vigilante and a music lover.

Music Lover: “I have just heard that wonderfully evocative piece by the French composer, Claude Debussy, The Girl with the Flaxen Hair.”

P. C. Vigilante: “Oh, come now, you should know better. You must not use the word, 'hear' in any form as it is offensive to those who are aurally challenged, and 'evocative'? That suggests enhanced emotion – not at all kind to the emotionally deprived. The composer was not French, he belonged to a Western European Community. 'French' is a nasty nationalist word. 'Composer' implies intellectual elitism, and we cannot allow that! The person's name is not allowable (nationalism again), and as for 'girl', well, I don't even need to explain that. 'Flaxen Hair'! Oh dear, oh dear, 'Flaxen' implies colour and difference in colour is a taboo subject. Finally, strike-out the word 'hair' - it is an affront to the folically depleted. Now try again.”

Music Lover: “Oh yes, of course, I am so terribly sorry. Let me rephrase that. I have just, through a certain sensory means, experienced that little tune penned in an idle moment by a person now deceased and citizen of the world, concerning a person of indeterminate gender and of few years, whose keratinous head growth was light in hue.

P. C. Vigilante: "That's much better - well done!"

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Re: It's a P. C. World!

Postby Richard » Mon Jan 30, 2017 12:04 pm

The one that made me laugh recently was the suggestion that some U.S. disabled people have taken offence at the road-crossing that flashed up the sign 'Walk'.

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