Israel is a lunatic asylum in Palestine

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Israel is a lunatic asylum in Palestine

Postby Richard » Fri Jan 24, 2020 10:46 pm

Why are the Israeli's always seeking more territory gains in Palestine?
Often the occupants of the new (illegal) settlements are Jews shipped in from New York.
Not local Jews who have lived in the region for many years.
The U.S. has always favoured the (relatively new) state of Israel which operates a form of apartheid, denying food and water and work to Palestinian Arabs, except on it's own meager terms.
Building walls and watch-towers and killing Arab kids on the streets if they dare to throw stones.
As if they were stray dogs, occasionally shot in the head by callous Israeli militia.
Shot when lying on the ground unconscious and helpless.
How long can this barbarism continue?
All opposition to Israeli state assertiveness is labelled as terrorist activity.

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