Job interview at CSA - What can I expect?

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Job interview at CSA - What can I expect?

Postby letfo1n75 » Thu Nov 26, 2015 9:31 am

Hi my CV has been sifted and I got an interview on the 1st December.

Im trying to prepare but heard good to take application form in that I awnsered competency questions to on application form, just looked at my application form it just states the jobs I did and an explanation.

Looked also that it will be competencie based questions based on your experiences you've had in your jobs or volunteered or home life so, good to have a few good examples. The competencie questions will be linked to their 10 competencie core values of the company which I've looked at but in a wreck because don't know what any of them will be asked of will they ask things like whats your weakness's,strengths so on so on or will it just be questions based on your experiences thats what heard any way. And expected to be an hour so, do you have to do numeracy and literacy tests than go in for the interview and then it will be 2-3 interviewees. They said on the open day they will try to make as formal as possible and prompt you if they need more out of you.

Anyone recently had an interview at csa as heard they were doing away with the tests as put people off and no one applied again. Any help will be greatly appreciated only a few days to prepare so want to be prepared. Thankyou so much guys.

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Re: Job interview at CSA - What can I expect?

Postby Richard » Thu Nov 26, 2015 1:32 pm

hi letfo,

If you google the following:
child support officer interview questions
child support worker interview questions

or whatever relevant department / job description you are applying to, then there is plenty of information out there, however I guess you want first-hand answers from someone with experience.
It is always good to refresh your memory with answers you have already provided on the application form, but they will know what you have written already and will probably use that to question you further.
As you have got an interview already they must see you as a promising candidate, so keep confident and make sure you learn all you can about the CSA and you can use that information to ask them questions and keep the interviewers minds believing you have done your 'homework' and want to learn.
Perhaps also ask about the progress route to a more senior position.

It is certainly distracting when you have a panel of interviewers asking questions from different angles, and it will test whether you can listen carefully and form appropriate answers.
Keep cheerful, smiling and be confident, and if you don't know the answer just say so quickly and have a paper pad ready to make notes.
Have questions ready if you are asked if there is anything you want to know from them, from their experience, if they give you the opportunity at the end of the interview.

Good Luck !!

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