Cannot change log-in password on PC

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Re: Cannot change log-in password on PC

Postby seahermit » Fri Nov 10, 2017 12:08 am

I have taken the plunge, created a local account, then removed my MS account. To my amazement, the EXTRA password (besides the one for my MS account), which I had to keep entering in order to actually log-in and start the PC, has disappeared - the new local account password seems to work instead and of course it is demanded when I am in Settings.

I still have no idea why this problem arose. I have never created any other account besides the MS one which until recently I used for logging-in - until I changed the MS password and the one for actually logging-in and booting the computer refused to be changed! Of course, when the computer had gone into sleep mode, the screen had to be unlocked - but again it demanded the Old password, not the new MS one!

It looks surely as if some quirk happened? The computer somehow was remembering the old log-in password and wouldn't recognise my attempt to update it with the revised MS one. No matter - creating the local account seems to have over-ridden the glitch.

Phew! Three days or part thereof spent on that.

I am assuming that I will still get Windows updates, but obviously not ready access to Windows apps and the other "perks". Syncing doesn't matter for me, I only have the one PC.

Thanks for your helpful advice.

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