Any views on Motorola phones?

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Any views on Motorola phones?

Postby seahermit » Fri Aug 10, 2018 12:07 pm

My friend has broken the screen on his Samsung J3 (lower middle-range phone). Since I have had my Samsung J5 (absolutely excellent mid-range phone) for a couple of years, I may pass it on to him and try one of the Moto G series.

Does anyone have experience of the Motos? The three best ones are the Moto G6 Play, Moto G6 and the Moto G6 Plus (top of the range). The internet reviews are outstanding and the phone screens look stunningly bright and sharp and are almost 6in in size (I like a big screen!).

I'm just worried that the way they work may be rather different to the Samsungs and a big shift to get used to. I like pulling on a familiar pair of shoes!

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