Three signal in Hastings

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Three signal in Hastings

Postby seahermit » Fri Aug 16, 2019 1:05 am

My smartphone (currently a Moto Power) has been on the Three network. Frequent interruptions to the service - the signal does not seem to be good in this area (never been a signal in the Old Town, apparently they were refused a mast there by the powers that be) and often the connection goes for more than a day. I only put up with it because the tariffs are really cheap and I don't use the phone greatly, use a different one for phone calls.

The signal went again from Sunday through to late Tuesday - if I was running a small business and was reliant on a smartphone, I would have been tearing my hair out. It seems that in Brighton recently the whole area lost its signal for almost a week. How can they get away with it and nobody does anything? The functioning of business and the country in general depends on reliable communications, yet no authorities seem to have the will or the power to intervene. Same as the railways - often chaotic!

I have switched now to an O2 SIM card - cheap tariffs again but a very good reliable service (if my other mobile is anything to go by). There has been a lot of hype about the new fast 5G service being introduced - but in many rural areas you are lucky to get any signal at all on a mobile or on a broadband connection.

Like the railways - HS 2 and other much-vaunted new rail projects, but for many people everyday journeys getting them to work are terrible and have been that way for a long time.

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