Sad music scene currently operating

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Sad music scene currently operating

Postby Richard » Sat Jan 25, 2020 10:10 pm

Many things seemed better in the dim and distant past and partly because when we were younger it was more common for us to experience things for the first time.
But regardless of all that I don't believe the current music/band scene is a patch on what went before.
A few dismal Pub offerings, appealing mainly to older people and what do the youth have to look forward to?

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Re: Sad music scene currently operating

Postby seahermit » Sun Jan 26, 2020 10:48 am

Curious that you should say this, because I was thinking just the same thing a few days ago.

The sixties/seventies were of course a high point musically with some terrific groups and bands around, the rise of dance music and discos. I used to go to Samantha's off Regent Street - the DJ's console was housed in the shell of a white E-type in the corner! Usually got home with the milkman. That scene doesn't seem the same now, I myself think the music is rubbish but maybe I'm just too old!

The fact remains that in Hastings there don't seem to be many popular late-night haunts, the one club in Cambridge Road seems to get thin queues now, several others have closed and the range of music seems limited. There are a few open mic nights, they don't get many punters in the audience. In my youth, the folk, blues, rock, jazz groups were everywhere in every town. I think that many young people just don't go out so much. There were more than a few times I got three hours' sleep and did a full day's work afterwards!

Maybe it's all happening somewhere. But Hastings seems a bit in the doldrums musically. A few Old Town pubs still do very enjoyable Celtic and Bluegrass nights for the oldies, but I went to the NUR in Robertson Street the other night and the jazz quartet was very disappointing - drab, tired music by tired old men! Hope they don't read this because I don't mean to be unkind, but there really does need to be an injection of real talent and new energy.

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