Grove School 1959-1964

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Grove School 1959-1964

Postby northants1066 » Sun Nov 13, 2016 2:43 pm

Whilst idling the day away I began to wonder how many of my former classmates are still living in Hastings, as I myself (Doug Palmer) moved to Northants 34 years ago.

I remember them all by name as we called our own names out at registration rather than the teacher saying our name and us replying "present". We only ever had two Form Masters Kenneth Woodhouse and John Inskip.

So are you still there? Benton, Clarke, Cochran, Cox, Cropper, Davis, Douglas, Elms, Galbally, Goodall, Hancock, Hodd, House, Kemble, Kurse, Mallion, McQuillan, McSweeney , Martin, Mitchell, Oak, Overfield, Parish, Powell, Pringle, Redford, Spears, Walsgrove and Warner.

Sadly I believe Nigel Davies and John "Dick" Histed have passed away.

About 15 years ago we did have a reunion and some of them did attend.

I was particularly friendly with David Powell as we had both been at St Pauls (1952-59) together, but I have not seen nor heard of him for many years.

John B
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Re: Grove School 1959-1964

Postby John B » Sun May 06, 2018 3:18 pm

Hi Doug

Question from Sue and Nod. Are you the Doug Palmer that went to 18+? If so there's a reunion in Hastings -

10 Richborough Close, Hastings, TN34 2PB

Saturday 16th June - 1300 to 1700



Min Standen
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Re: Grove School 1959-1964

Postby Min Standen » Fri Jun 15, 2018 8:39 pm

There are some names I remember from the Grove and i was shocked to it has been pulled down as not been to Hasting for a few years, but have friends and a couple of children that live locally still. Nigel Davies used to have a band and used to practice at his fathers laundry in Battle Road. Sorry to hear he may have passed away.
One of the East twins is still in Hastings and his brothers in Canada.
I moved away some 30+ years ago to Buckinghamshire and now Oxfordshire and only retired last year from full time work and now running my own consultancy business.
Not sure if Barry Herbert is still around the Hastings area as he worked in the tool shop in Queens Road for years.

Min Standen G0JMS

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