Indian Doctors at RESH in the early 1960s

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Indian Doctors at RESH in the early 1960s

Postby MollyMalone » Fri Aug 27, 2021 8:36 am

Dear all,
I’m looking to find out any info about male Indian doctors who might have been working at RESH between 1950-1970, especially around 1960-4. Was it unusual for Indian docs to be in the hospital/area then? Other nursing forums mention a Dr Bhattacharya who was at RESH in the 60s (I think) and I’m wondering if there’s anyone who remembers him or other Indian docs at this time. Maybe you were treated at RESH by an Indian doc or consultant around 1962-1963?? Maybe you knew of an Indian doc who rented accommodation etc near you, near RESH. Maybe you met an Indian RESH doctor in a social setting-dance/party etc. Any/any info (even very minor) gratefully received.

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