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Re: Pier

Postby ColinL » Sat Apr 06, 2019 6:46 pm

A pleasant and friendly place is the Italian restaurant/bar towards the sea end of Roberston St it has a rustic look. It was there 6 months ago.For early in the day on the same side but closer to the Memorial in a cafe that is upstairs and starts think with a W.

There are several places I like in the Old Town

However for younger teenagers I expect the various youth clubs have long gone. Society has let down its youth. As I don't live there I cannot think of any venues except I understand the old swimming pool skate park is good but there might not be anything else inside it as an alternative 8f you don't like boards. The uniform groups are too formal for many especially if it is still necessary to pledge to honour the old queen (No, not Elton John)!

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Re: Pier

Postby seahermit » Sat Apr 06, 2019 9:36 pm

Ah, intelligent comments from someone again .. (sorry!).

You are quite right, there are a couple of newish cafes along Robertson Street which I should have checked out. An Italian cafe and a wine bar. Nice-looking people in there, so they must be reasonably ok. I like good wine, not the high-class vinegar served up in Wetherspoons, so I will pop in there sometime and report back.

The Old Town is rather different, nice cafes in the daytime and some really nice old pubs in the evenings. Always some excellent live music around.

The older teenagers can go to the disco places but, for younger ones, it must be quite difficult, few places which parents would regard as safe. I suppose the youth clubs aren't thriving as they used to, not sure why. I can't think of a single place I would let my kids go to, youth clubs used to be hot on sports - are there too many youngsters on computers now?!

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