Alexandra Park, Old Roar Stream

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Alexandra Park, Old Roar Stream

Postby Robr » Mon Apr 25, 2016 5:04 pm

I have often walked through the park and observed the sorry state of what should be an asset to Alexandra park. I would like to put forward an idea that the we have here an urban stream that is greatly in need of re-naturalisation.

I have included a couple of links one to a case study of a naturalised urban chalk stream in the UK and the second to US reference on Stream corridor re-naturalisation that appears pretty comprehensive.

I hope that this plants a seed and that action will be implemented to improve the natural asset for the town, it's people and the wildlife.

I am sure it would be relatively easy to create a volunteer residents support group as well. ... lk-stream/

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Re: Alexandra Park, Old Roar Stream

Postby Richard » Mon Apr 25, 2016 9:50 pm

Hello Robr,
I am not sure exactly what you mean about the state of Old Roar Stream that is so worrying?
All stream inflow passing through Alexandra Park is monitored for pollutants and information is relayed back to the authorities at regular intervals.
We do see blooms of algae that can deprive oxygen in parts of the inflow into Alexandra Park and there are now sediment-traps in place, via floating pontoons planted with vegetation.
Toxic algae are dealt with quickly and viruses and bacteria are monitored constantly.
New stream channels and bankside flora have been planted to improve the water quality where necessary.
A known problem exists where sewerage overflows occur into streams and this includes waste-water from domestic appliances that have been incorrectly routed.
Nontheless it is refreshing to hear your ideas and I will pass them along to those responsible for relevant streams in the neighbourhood.

Thank You!

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