Speeding Traffic in Hastings

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Speeding Traffic in Hastings

Postby Richard » Tue May 30, 2017 8:33 am

Does anyone have issues with traffic that exceeds the 30mph limit?
I spoke to both the local councillor and council traffic dep't., about vehicles speeding along St. Helens road and exceeding the 30mph limit - much more so in the last couple of years, especially motorbikes.
I suggested traffic-calming measures such as 20 mph signs, the response was that there have to be a number of recorded serious accidents first and that the funding availability means that speeding is a low priority in general.
I was told that 20mph signs are not enforceable and that traffic speeds would have to be around 23mph for any signs to be effective and that drivers normally stick to the speed they think is safe for the road anyway.
The good news is that there are a limited number of SID's (speed indicator devices) available, the sort that show your speed and some show a smiley or frowning face. These are solar powered, I think.
Failing that you can request a traffic-monitoring-cable stapled across the road to guage the frequency/speed but I believe in Hastings there is a charge for this service.

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Re: Speeding Traffic in Hastings

Postby Hairygit » Thu Jun 01, 2017 8:37 am

We have a similar problem in the village where I live in Devon. I(t's a 30 limit, but vehicles often hurtle through at 50+, they don't care because they don't live here. Have spoken to the police about it many times, but due to massive budget cuts, they cannot afford to have officers tied up on such "minor" things as speed checks/traps. The county council does not have the money to install speed cameras either :evil: What I plan to do after the election is to lobby whoever becomes home secretary with a simple (and hopefully acceptable) idea. Let the local Police forces keep the money from speeding tickets instead of sending it to central government. Then the money raised can be put into local policing, and if they want shiny new patrol cars, nick some speeders! I know people hate getting caught for speeding, but the limit is the law, and if you break it and get caught, don't whine about it, after all, most people wouldn't break into a house, or steal somebody's handbag or phone, and if they get caught, expect to be punished!

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