NHS/GP/Chemist in crisis

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Re: NHS/GP/Chemist in crisis

Postby Richard » Mon Nov 20, 2017 6:28 pm

I am a little surprised at the high turnover of GP's at the RoeBuck Surgery in the old town.
A few years ago my GP was suspended for informing a patients' employer of his drinking problems (the employer was a bus company and sacked the patient who was a driver).
You might think that the GP made the right decision.

In October 2017 Dr. Chopra resigned from his practice after an investigation by the CQC in 2015, followed by enforcement of 'special measures' after a lack of improvement was recorded, by 2016.

Dr. Namvar has become senior partner now and I think the whole practice may relocate to the 'Ice House' eventually.
There are minefields of issues that can befall a GP :

Here are a few levelled against Dr Chopra:

“Risks to patients were not always assessed and managed, for example infection control audits were not up to date and whilst cleaning schedules were in place some parts of the practice were not clean and tidy.
“Medicine management systems were not safe and placed patients at risk. The recruitment practices did not ensure satisfactory information was available for staff employed by the practice. Staff who had access to patients unsupervised had not received a police check and the practice had not carried out a risk assessment to ensure the safety of patients.”

I wouldn't like the job and think there is a lot more to it than just examining patients, presumably Dr. Chopra was also a manager and was not supported adequately in his job.
Many patients were pleased with his attention to their health and raised a petition but possibly the stress was too great for him.

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Re: NHS/GP/Chemist in crisis

Postby jimbreeds » Mon Nov 20, 2017 6:38 pm

Hmm, yes, my cousin was telling me about Roebuck surgery. She's now going to go to Guestling but I think that practise is actually managed by either Roebuck or Harold Road? I'm hoping Guestling will accept us, as it's close to where we will be living, and is getting good patient feedback on the NHS website.

Mrs Ed Gein
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Re: NHS/GP/Chemist in crisis

Postby Mrs Ed Gein » Tue Nov 21, 2017 5:07 am

Apparently they can't get doctors in Hastings because they don't want to live here. The locums are not committed and I can understand why. One doctor/manager ran off with the staff pension fund money (allegedly!) and another one of mine was struck off. Basic things like getting someone to answer the telephone and getting an appointment is difficult at the moment. I do think people have to take more responsibility for their own health though. Too many porkers eating too many cakes etc., including me.
Do you think the service will be privatised? These problems seem countrywide and the staff morale is very low. Maybe its a case of too many people to deal with rather than not enough doctors.

Mrs Ed Gein
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Re: NHS/GP/Chemist in crisis

Postby Mrs Ed Gein » Tue Nov 21, 2017 5:12 am

I apologise for putting this post in the wrong section and doing it twice. God help me, I must need to see a nut doctor, (fat chance any time soon). Ewwww matron!

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Re: NHS/GP/Chemist in crisis

Postby Geoff » Tue Nov 21, 2017 11:50 am

I've moved this thread to the "Locals have your say" section which seems more appropriate.

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Re: NHS/GP/Chemist in crisis

Postby seahermit » Tue Nov 21, 2017 2:42 pm

The case of the bus driver with a drink problem raises difficult moral questions. Patient confidentiality was of course breached, but the GP no doubt felt that the safety of bus passengers had to take priority. I feel that it would have been reasonable to give the driver a warning and a chance to deal wirh his problems, rather than just sacking him out of hand just in case something happened.

More importantly, there do seem to have been a number of issues in recent years with the integrity of doctors/surgeries locally. Or is it just that the public are less trusting of health professionals, and less forgiving when performance is unsatisfactory?

I have a brother in Cambridge and the healthcare seems to be completely different, with the outstanding Addenbrookes hospital close at hand. It's patchy across the country, isn't necessarily linked to prosperity, but Hastings is a deprived area and can hardly attract the best health workers! I hate the Conquest, disorganised and the staff seem fed-up and uncaring.

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