Town centres after dark

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Re: Town centres after dark

Postby Richard » Sat Oct 13, 2018 9:38 pm

Re- the 'help section' I am sure this could be useful as we all have different skills and needs that are better served by a connected pool of people who can give and take accordingly.
Perhaps we need to think more about the best way in which to achieve an active group of members (posters) who will respond accordingly:

1. I need help with my garden - may receive responses from keen gardeners.
2. I need help painting my wall - may be just advice or physical help is required
3. I have difficulty getting out and about once or twice a week - perhaps someone local can lend a hand
4. Can anyone give music (guitar) lessons to an adult / youngster - perhaps in return for cash or services of another kind?

Limitless possibilities!

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Re: Town centres after dark

Postby seahermit » Sun Oct 14, 2018 1:48 am

You have relieved my mind. This hiccup when posting happens on a PC too then? With longer items, I do usually save a copy of the text before trying to submit it to the forum.

I think listings of services/skills offered would be extremely valuable. Equally "help wanted" too of course.

Without thinking for too long, I could easily come up with quite a long list of my jobs-in-waiting! I need help painting a bedroom sometime over the winter, I also have to replace a rather basic shower rail (some tricky drilling needed maybe) and a sash window needs re-cording (landlord not interested). Partly because my skills only go so far and also because of sheer lack of time.

Ball in someone else's court ..

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