Warning message when clicking onto website!

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Warning message when clicking onto website!

Postby seahermit » Mon Jan 28, 2019 2:28 pm

I think this might have been a temporary blip but, in case it was significant: this afternoon I clicked onto 1066online.com using the shortcut icon on my Samsung smartphone. A small pop-up message appeared to the effect that "there seems to have been some unusual activity when accessing the website and as a result access has been blocked . Click on the button to show that you are not a robot".

I can't remember the precise wording because, after accessing the website (just now) via my PC and finding things to be perfectly ok, I returned to the smartphone and managed to access the website without problem - and the message had disappeared!

I'm sure it's ok but I wonder if this might have been some sort of scam attempt or other dubious activity - I haven't done anything unusual, just checked the website forum from time to time for anything new/interesting.

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