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New Food and Drink section?

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2020 5:01 pm
by seahermit
This idea has been in my mind for a while. I noticed a long time ago that no proper local guide seemed to exist, directing visitors to cafes, restaurants and pubs in the Hastings and St Leonards area.

I think the 1066 website is excellent, colourful and very informative- what a pity that Hastings Council cannot emulate that standard in their own publicity and their interactions with the community! But even on here I am surprised that the Forum does not include a specific section headed maybe Food and Drink, given that that is foremost in the minds of visitors, almost the first thing they ask - "Where can I get a decent meal or a pint in a clean pub?" I have been trawling through all the posts on food and drink topics and they are currently spread in numerous threads across five different sections! Namely:

Visiting Hastings
Attractions and Events
Locals have your say
Hastings chat
Local Traders

People have been very forthcoming and posted a lot of useful info about their personal experiences in the pubs and restaurants, but of course any visitor to the Forum has to search around in different locations in order to discover recommended places to eat/drink.

Also of course many posts are old and out-of-date in that businesses have changed hands or gone altogether. But if there was just a single forum-section for places to eat/drink, that would make things much simpler for visitors. Also, by its nature the section would be constantly updating itself as new threads were added, so that a visitor need only look at the latest threads to get an up-to-date picture of where to dash to for a meal after the suitcase had been unpacked!

I am sure others might have something to say about this. But if Geoff could be persuaded to start a new Food and Drink section, I would be quite happy to post some fresh items about the current scene in Hastings (others would do the same no doubt) and maybe from time to time some sort of summaries could be posted - not exactly the Michelin guide to Hastings (I am absolutely not a food critic nor a beer expert). But others who have posted on here seem to know their onions (and their tipples) and I atleast have formed a pretty good idea of the best places to eat if I am meeting someone beautiful (or if Auntie Flo comes down to visit me).

Re: New Food and Drink section?

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2020 6:16 pm
by Richard
'The Royal' near the station, St. Leonards, has been revamped and looks tempting.
What then are the best places to eat if one is meeting someone beautiful (or if Auntie Flo comes down to visit?). :)

Re: New Food and Drink section?

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2020 6:49 pm
by seahermit
I was hoping for some support from you, Richard - do you think my ideas are valid or are they a load of rubbish?!

I certainly wouldn't take any gentile older lady into the Wetherspoon pub - good for some cheap, basic food and a cheap pint, but often dirty and poorly managed, often very rowdy. Someone was stinking out the corner with cannabis the other week - the staff were not interested.

There's a lot of good info about restaurants but spread over various threads - I just thought it might be really useful to summarize it in some way, but it isn't up to me of course.

Re: New Food and Drink section?

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2020 7:46 pm
by Richard
Yes! A good idea, absolutely, I had not realised the lack of a specific food and drink section.
Geoff probably has lots of other activities to occupy himself with but if he gets round to doing what you suggest one day then that would be most helpful.