Looking for flat in Bexhill/St Leonards/Hastings area

Questions and answers for those considering a move to the Hastings area.
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Looking for flat in Bexhill/St Leonards/Hastings area

Postby 1RockyReith » Wed Jul 27, 2022 6:36 pm

I am a UK citizen returning to UK after 20 years abroad. My wife and I have contacted several agents, but none seem interested in helping us find a flat without physically being there for a viewing. Not sure how to do that when we're across the ocean. We've offered to do a virtual tour, send a local friend, or just use the pics on line and talk to an agent, but no go. We have rented a flat before in another country before arrival, so not sure why it's so difficult this time around. We can pay 6 months rent upfront, and have no pets and are non smokers. If anyone knows of a 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom flat available around 1st of September, please let us know. We actually looked at a studio as well that had a closed terrace, just need one door to shut as my wife works from home. We're looking around £700 per month. Looking forward to being a good neighbour,

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Re: Looking for flat in Bexhill/St Leonards/Hastings area

Postby seahermit » Tue Aug 30, 2022 11:46 pm

The property agents are spoilt currently because rented properties are in very short supply and they don't have to work hard to shift them. It is also not the best time to look for rentals, middle of summer and a lot of property is let out short term to visitors. If you can manage to stay somewhere in the area temporarily, that would be best - in winter few people like moving, so rents are much lower and more flats are on offer.

There is some doubt about security in my own flat and I may have to move on. Hopefully it won't happen just yet. I saw a couple of one-bedroom flats to rent, in a property agent's window in Hastings. The rents were horrendous - £700/800 per month for scruffy buildings, one flat in the roughest street in Hastings!

Keep an eye on Rightmove but there are several other websites and one needs to keep checking just in case. Hastings is the cheapest area, St Leonard's variable, the Old Town area of Hastings is nice but expensive.

Not sure if that helps but it gives you some background.

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