Moving to Warrior Square...

Questions and answers for those considering a move to the Hastings area.
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Moving to Warrior Square...

Postby Jojo11 » Mon Sep 17, 2018 12:20 pm

Hello lovely people of Hastings & St Lennie's, :D

We have just bought a place on Southwater road (warrior sq end) and I've just freaked myself out a bit reading posts on here (most of them are at least a few years old) about it being a bit unsavoury/scary at night?! We have two young children and I just want a bit of reassurance that its actually pretty decent place to live?? Has anybody got anything positive to say about the area - I would really love to hear from you!!! Also for people in the area who have young children at primary school, please can you give me your thoughts about the local schools?

Thanks so so much in advance....

Jojo x

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Re: Moving to Warrior Square...

Postby seahermit » Mon Sep 17, 2018 11:12 pm

As you say, there has been much discussion in the forum about the less savoury parts of Hastings/St Leonards and the Warrior Square Station area hasn't come out of it too well. However .. I would say that that whole area of St Leonards has improved over the last few years. In daytime it is really lovely with an Aladin's Cave of antique and junk shops along Kings Road and some excellent cafes. The station has been smartened up and there is even a small art gallery within the station building. It is isn't wise to let young children wander about there after dark but then would you do that in a lot of places? And there is absolutely no comparison with Streatham which I fled some years ago - on every late evening walk down to the Asian corner shop I was in fear of my life.

I'm a bit old to know about the schools, but chatting to the neighbours might help and browsing the Hastings Observer might inform you about any ongoing problems with schools. The newspaper is somewhat negative and highlights the sensational stories - rest assured that Hastings/St L. is a much nicer, more peaceable place than the Observer would have you believe!

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Re: Moving to Warrior Square...

Postby Ed209 » Wed Sep 19, 2018 6:49 am

Hi, regarding primary schools, St Mary's star of the sea is good but you will need to be Catholic to get in.
Neither of my kids got in despite being close by.
Christchurch St Leonard's is friendly and my kids are happy their , just a shame the powers that be built it in a hole in the ground with no grass / field for games.

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