H/SL to Brighton commute

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H/SL to Brighton commute

Postby LeenPenny » Fri Aug 10, 2012 2:21 pm

we,Family,are considering moving to H/SL and need to check the best transport links between the two towns..

we presently live in Brighton (Have sold our flat!) and both work in the NHS we have mixed work schedules me 9-5 M-F, my wife is a nurse and works M-F-Su..

a season rail ticket costs an extortionate GBP2400.00 and well the bus link would be far too long (traveltime) as have family (nursery age son) commitments..

does anyone have any advice of the best commute- (Advanced travel booking doesn't seem to be any better in costs?)..

any advice much obliged


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Re: H/SL to Brighton commute

Postby Herring_Gull » Wed Aug 22, 2012 8:39 am

"_ _ _advice on best commute"


Train / or car looks to be your best bet. There are two essentially two types of service to Frighton, one is 'fast' less stops, the other is slower as it stops at all stations to Frighton.

If only my season ticket was 2400 I would be 2k better off.

Good luck if you decide to move and just think a massive house two thirds the price of those in Frighton.

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