st vincents open air school st savours rd

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Re: st vincents open air school st savours rd

Postby sammylan » Tue May 15, 2012 8:32 pm

The planning application is to demolish the buildings and build a considerable number of houses (about 66) on the site.

The planning application can be seen here_ _ _ ... A/09/00485

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Re: st vincents open air school st savours rd

Postby ann_barton » Sun Nov 04, 2012 3:04 pm

Hi Rita Swaine
I was at St Leonard's at the same time as you. My name back then was
Ann Barton_ _ __ _ _ I remember
Maureen Holman whose nickname was Woozie I think. She was always so kind to me when I first arrived. There was also someone whose name was Barbara. The names of the nuns are all very familiar to me and I remember them as all being very kindly.
Ann Newman (Barton)

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Re: st vincents open air school st savours rd

Postby Scopequeen » Tue Apr 29, 2014 12:43 pm

Hi I went to St Vincent's in 1968 till 1973. I remember a few of the girls one was Linda garrard she lived in Orpington Kent . I remember Sister Jeanette and sister ita. We used to have picnics on the beach and a disco every Sunday and our crisps would blow away x I was known as Elaine Cousins then x sorry to hear its closing down x hope to hear from anyone who was there then x :D

Maureen Murphy
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Re: st vincents open air school st savours rd

Postby Maureen Murphy » Sat May 31, 2014 10:05 am

Hello Ann Newman (Barton)
I was at St. Vincent's OA from 1952/56 and I was so surprised to see my name mentioned in your post. Thank you for your lovely comment and I'm glad I was kind to you! I'm not sure who gave me the nickname of Woozy, but it certainly stuck for the time I was there, and I even had a few letters after I left addressed to 'Dear Woozy'. I have happy memories of my years at the school and it would be nice to reminisce with you (and anyone else who was there at this time) so I hope you read this and reply. I remember many of the staff and Sisters of Charity, and I used to help Sister Angela in the clinic - mainly collecting the children and taking then backwards and forwards to be weighed. I was sad to read on this forum that the building is going to be demolished (perhaps it already has) - I shall look at the link later.
Best wishes to you, and all the other residents/patients that went to St.Vincent's OA School.
Maureen Murphy (Holman)

St Vincents
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Re: st vincents open air school st savours rd

Postby St Vincents » Tue Feb 19, 2019 9:16 pm

mena monaghan wrote: wrote:hi everyone at 1066 i went to this all girls school in 1979 untill 1982 or 83 im not to sure ,the school was run by the sisters of charity they wore navey blue habbits i remember the swimming teacher there very well her name was mrs broomhead she was so nice to me,i had a lot of problems as a young girl and
mrs broomhead and a sister called sister bridget and a house parent named louise gave me alot of support.
A few years ago i looked for st vincents to see if there were staff or anyone there i might of known but it was turned into a collage it still looked the same as it did i wanted to go in just to have a little look about but i didnt
i remember sum of the girls who i was friends with tresea cahill,maria duncun i no lots of first named girls but tresea and maria are the ones i no there whole names so if anyone from st vincents from 1979-1982 nos any of the girls or myself who went there it would be great to hear from you maybe sister bridget will remember me or mrs broomhead would i think .
well if the person reading this has never been to hastings you should go its a lovely town and st lenords on sea thats where st vincents is just before you get into hastings hastings old town st vincents is worth lookin at as its
gorgous builings and gardens
.thanx for lisening xxx
mena monaghan email address at

i was a pupil of the school between name then was paula miller.i remember mrs broomhead or broomie as she was known to me with great affection and sister bridget,sister elizabeth,miss meyer later mrs lambert, mrs smith the cookery teacher.would you have remembered jane bedford? i went to school with her sister sandra bedford later is so sad to see the place now all run down and in ruins as it holds a special place in my heart and memories and always will.
paula maguire formally known as paula miller.

St Vincents
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Re: st vincents open air school st savours rd

Postby St Vincents » Tue Feb 19, 2019 9:22 pm

hi i used to go to st vincents back in 1981 82 83 84 i remember lizzy jolink and mena monaghan hope to here from you soon i was Tracey Benn i now marred and now Tracey Humphrey i am on facebook would be great to hear from any of the girls take care hope to hear from you soon

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