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Postby northants1066 » Thu Aug 16, 2018 12:05 pm

Peter E. wrote:Northants1066- I meant to include this in my previous post but forgot: you also mention a ? Mitchell- could this be Ian who lived at the Ironlatch end of Blackman Ave? I understand he sadly died a few years ago with a heart attack.

No it is not Ian. I remember him, he was a football referee I believe.

Oddly I regularly see Clive Stapley who I think was Ian Mitchells cousin.

Clive and I both live in Northants now and support AFC Rushden and Diamonds. We met by chance at a game a couple of years ago and discovered we both came from Hastings, both attended the Grove, although he is a bit younger than me and that his house backed onto my sisters and that Clive knew all my neices and nephews.

Clive Parish was a very good friend of mine. The day after England won the World Cup we embarked on a tour of England and Scotland on his Lambretta (or Vespa). We last made contact in 2007 for my 60th birthday celebrations. The last I heard he was living in Lancashire.

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Re: R. B. Hatfield

Postby northants1066 » Thu Aug 16, 2018 12:14 pm

Was there a Mr French who held the French lessons?

The only French master I recall was Ted Selman. Really nice bloke, and French to this day is the only foreign language that I can speak. Unfortunately I had to make the strange choice of Geography or French for my O levels. Geography with Ken Duly won out.

I vaguely remember you Min and some of your classmates. Bruce Whiteman, Bunny Beynon etc You would be the same age as me now 70?

Min Standen
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Re: R. B. Hatfield

Postby Min Standen » Sun Jun 30, 2019 2:29 pm

Hi All

Greta to see the name and sad to see those that have not made it this far.
Yes there was a Mr. French for French..
Bernard East still lives in hasting and Greg is in the Crowsnest Pass, south of Calgary, Roger was their older brother. Kevin Dearing is in the Portsmouth area and we all used to be scooter or motor bikers, I'm back to motor biking for the past 12+ years, retire but doing consulting work for my old company.
I think we have spread all over the world and it would be interesting to see who has where and done what.

Min Marnoch Standen G0JMS

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