Mr Boag (pronounced 'bo-agg')

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Re: Mr Boag (pronounced 'bo-agg')

Postby Uplandsboy49 » Mon Aug 30, 2010 4:45 pm

I recall a large Black and White Portrait photo in a shop window at the bottom of London Road of our old friend we just called "Boag"
The photo depicted him as a musician I believe as a violin was included in the picture
All we heard at the time was he came from a good class family but I do not remember medical connections as mentioned but of course it is nice to get the real story from his Grandaughter.He is remembered fondly by me and my old school pals from Uplands I am sure.

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Re: Mr Boag (pronounced 'bo-agg')

Postby colin_bourner » Mon Aug 30, 2010 11:24 pm

In 1950 I went as a pupil to Uplands Technical School. We were told by the Headmaster about the "traveller" with long white hair and beard who would be seen by us on the sea front and that he had a habit of offering 6d pieces to the pupils. He told us to accept the money, thank him using the title "Sir" and to always treat him with the greatest of respect.

In 1957, I worked for Peter Barber on the Ridge making garden sheds. In the main workshop was a crown sized photo of Mr Boag who looked down upon us looking magnificent with his white hair and beard. I was told by Mr Barber he had taken the photo.

Colin Bourner (Torrevieja, Spain)

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Re: Mr Boag (pronounced 'bo-agg')

Postby keithyoung892 » Sun Mar 18, 2018 7:22 pm

antony_may : you asked where Mr Boag's shack was some years ago! I remember walking from Harley Shute Road onto the golf course along by the railway line. After about 1/4 mile (it was a LONG time ago so this could be inaccurate) you came to a large dip in the ground surrounded by trees, between the track and the railway line fence. His shack was in this dip. As I remember it was of corrugated iron, with the entrance facing Harley Shute (east). He would have a washing line outside and I think he cooked outside on an open fire. He once apologised to my grandmother for appearing in shirtsleeves!

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Re: Mr Boag (pronounced 'bo-agg')

Postby davidhazleton » Thu May 10, 2018 4:47 pm

regarding the shack by the railway line - a gentleman i met who told me all about mr boag informed me that the railway firemen on the steam trains used to throw lumps of coal out for him to use - as a railway worker myself i found this very interesting and am sure that the firemen would not have been throwing lumps of coal at mr boag or at least i hope not !

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