Thinking of moving to Hastings

Questions and answers for those considering a move to the Hastings area.
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Thinking of moving to Hastings

Postby mabttp » Thu Jul 19, 2018 8:42 am

Hi, my partner Jonathan and I are thinking of moving to Hastings and wondered if anyone could advise if there are streets/areas to generally avoid? We're looking for a Victorian/Edwardian house (detached preferably, but semi-detached halls ajoining would be fine too) up to max £400k and have seen online some in Clive Vale (Ashburnham Rd specifically). Any help, pointers and advise would be much appreciated. Many thanks for your time. Best, Mark

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Re: Thinking of moving to Hastings

Postby Richard » Thu Jul 19, 2018 10:16 pm

Hi mabttp,
There is not much on the market worth looking at currently in the 4-500k bracket, according to my neighbour who sold in April (in the high £400k's) without first having found a place to replace her home with.
Clive Vale has some potential and is relatively cheap but you have to do a lot of leg-work to decide which street feels right and is well-cared for.
Some large properties with long rear-gardens can be found.
Rightmove will keep you informed of what is on the market and any price reductions.
There may be a lull in the market in the summer holiday August period but September and October should see more activity before the market takes a break until next year.
According to local estate agents property rose a lot in Hastings between 2014-2017.
Online agents charge a lot less than high-street ones.
Happy Hunting!

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Re: Thinking of moving to Hastings

Postby seahermit » Fri Jul 20, 2018 12:21 am

I thought I would add that, regarding particular sreets/areas, you have posed a broad question and it is difficult for anyone to give you a survey of all the different areas in this part of the world (even if they had the time!). And you must bear in mind that people's views are subjective - I myself would not live in Clive Vale because I like to be as near the sea as possible, but of course for yourselves entirely different priorities probably apply.

Having said that, I had a girlfriend in Ashburnham Road and I remember it as a really nice, quiet street with fantastic views of the sea. The Old Town is just a short walk away. But the Hastings area is a very mixed one - there are numerous old threads on the forum about desirable streets (or otherwise). You would find it useful to spend a bit of time browsing through them..

If you possibly can, you should walk around some of your potential sreets, see how they feel, ask questions in the pubs or the cafes - Hastings people are friendly and will gladly give you their two-pence worth!

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