Was there for a class trip 2009 - My happiest time tuntil now

Post here if you are visiting the Hastings area and would like some more information.
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Was there for a class trip 2009 - My happiest time tuntil now

Postby DK2009 » Mon Feb 04, 2019 8:42 pm

Hello, dear community!

My Name is Dominik and i am From Germany. I have visited Hastings a few years ago in 2009.
It was the amazed time of my younger life. I had so much love felt there, and it was very impressing for me the time in England. It was saved in my mind until now because I was fallin in love in Hastings. But the romance cant come to an happy end so that i have to think About the time in Hastings …. in my newerly past. I almost be catched by These pregnant Moments, im so sad that i have deleted all my photos…. but one Moment Maybe ill find them on Facebook... i will search… i will send a new message if ill find them.

Im so sad bout because good times like that will never come back and i dont know how to create such pregnant new times….

PS. Is the Roundabout "Space Roller" in Hastings already staying there ? At my visit in Hastings there was a Little fair, with a ride that is in Germany called "Space Roller". Is it Standing all the time there till now? Or is it in time off build? Thanks for your Information....

Best greetings to Hastings from Dominik :D

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Re: Was there for a class trip 2009 - My happiest time tuntil now

Postby Richard » Thu Feb 07, 2019 2:59 pm

Hi Dominik,

If you mean the funfair ride that looks like a windmill, with people strapped into seats along its arms, then yes it's still there in the old town, near the boating lake.
But you wouldn't get me on it, I think I would feel ill (es würde mich krank machen) if that makes sense.

You will have to return one day and look forward to that!


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