Significant foreign cultural artifacts held in British/American hands

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Significant foreign cultural artifacts held in British/American hands

Postby Richard » Mon Apr 01, 2019 7:31 pm

Some people (often liberal-minded white Europeans and American scholars) have long been arguing that, for example, African tribal artifacts held in foreign/British museums should be handed back to their rightful owners.

This is all well and good on one level but the artifacts are only in existence at all because they have been held in 'safe' repositories for hundreds of years.
Attempts have recently been made to return some items to their original place of removal (in Victorian times) only to find that certain African museum curators have then simply photocopied the same and then circulated the details and sold the items to the highest bid, by dealers worldwide.
This is Africa after all! What do you expect?

In the case of ancestral skulls held in Britain and belonging to Maori's, repatriation has been managed accordingly and with due respect.
The Elgin Marbles may be next in line for return to a safe haven and that should be considered.
We could easily keep copies in the British Museum.

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