Brexit and the current position

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Re: Brexit and the current position

Postby cbe » Sun Sep 29, 2019 10:05 pm

Not sure if that is in response to the post from me or from Colin, but i never mentioned a Union in connection with public sector workers. I too would always have regarded it as strange thinking that my employment status would determine my choice of party to vote for. BUT I have never worked in the public sector and have therefore never been in the situation where the Government of the day could make the choice of pumping more and more money into the 'business' or not. That may have influenced me too who can say?

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Re: Brexit and the current position

Postby ColinL » Mon Sep 30, 2019 2:28 pm

I had a great, even if cold and wet Sunday. World Cup rugby followed by my own team Newcastle Falcons fantastic win over Doncaster and then home, a good meal and lots of chuckles with your latest post.

It was amusing that you suggested that I would respond with slogans when you managed to get in 'nit pickers' three times, (including Trade union for them) 'dyed in the wool socialist', 'cloud cukcoo land' , 'students are easily influenced', 'there is NO free stuff'. I wonder if I have left any out. It is possible that most people would think that what you describe as 'nit picking', is in fact trying to establish fact or to understand exactly what it is that is the issue - by contrast to vague generalisations, undefined claims or similar.

Personally, I do not know anyone who is capable of working but refuses to do so, given that I am not privy to their personal biographical information, and as such cannot make a judgment & neither can you. I do see some people who attend my local chemist for a regular script who I suspect are not employed and it seems doubtful that they could be employed due to the vagaries of their condition and their inablity to remain focussed and reliable for an employer. They are therefore not in your category of persons who could, but refuse to work. Some people visually, may look as if they could be employed, but as I said YOU do not know their circumstances. One of the other things some people use as an indentifier of the 'workshy' is the closed curtain syndrome. My street is about 100 yards long. At least 30% of households do not open their curtains of a day but if I am up in the morning I see them on their way to work. For some reason they do not open their curtains. By contrast, I rarely close mine and do not have net curtains either, as I like lots of light.

If, in your estimates of immigrants geting benefits you include those 'hoping for right to remain', that is a nonsense as those without the right to remain are not entitled to make such claims. They are subject to the 'Recourse to public funds' regulations.

The 'majority grow out of their ideals' because they realise there is 'NO free stuff'. I am sure that students who are required topay £9K per annum for tuition plus living cost loans are well aware that there is 'no free stuff'. It does seem to be those such as your self who keep on about such notions. People who come from countries where 'brown people live' are also well aware of taxation and that communal contributions add up to something worthwhile that we can all benefit from as and when needed. The people who seem to wish to avoid paying tax are those who set themselves up as a company (even as one person) and they might even then set up a subsidiary registered off shore nominally importing and exporting goods that never actually leave the country.

You are entitled to your opinions as we all are but you should not create falsehoods by statements such as "to hundreds of thousands who are not entitled to them. ". You have absolutely no grounds for that claim

Immigrants who do not vote labour:-
Sajid Javid
Priti Patel

Need I go on

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Re: Brexit and the current position

Postby Richard » Mon Sep 30, 2019 8:38 pm

If you are unemployed in Hastings and let's admit there is not a lot of employment in the town, of the type that working-class people need, then you have to either register for/ claim Universal Credit or Disability Benefit.
Universal Credit is not enough to survive on and so the black-market world opens up where additional work is done 'on the side'.
Disability Benefit is a lot more generous and will require a G.P.'s letter attesting disability and a judgement by a panel of medical professionals.
Some are granted Disability Benefit and yet additionally work 'on the side'.
People with families have to be supported if the adult is unemployed and children need education, medical and other valuable resources.
This is where the immigration issue annoys people who see our welfare services being offered freely to all.
There are many in Hastings who have disabilities (the town is stuffed with them) they all need social care / carers on many levels and there are numerous hidden costs but we are a caring society and don't begrudge this.
I don't believe all students pay for tuition fees, they get a Tuition Fee Loan of up to £9,250 if they are studying at an eligible uni or college. If they are studying an accelerated degree course, they may get up to £11,100.
Loans have terms and conditions which make them virtually a free grant for the low-waged in future employment.

I saw Channel 4 News tonight suggesting that the Tories were spraying money around - what a dreadful expression and reporters asked prominent party members to comment on the suggestion of Boris groping a lady some 20 or more years previously.
Clutching at straws! And strange that the accusation only came out after all this time.
Channel 4 came out with every dirty trick they could to cast Boris in a poor light, but then they always were very left-leaning as a broadcasting channel.

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