Thievery in the shops

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Thievery in the shops

Postby Richard » Mon Sep 30, 2019 11:33 am

Lots of thieving has been taking place from M&S and Morrison lately.
I see a few scruffy guys with bags on the pavements along Queens Road, now and then, offering stolen clothes, food or booze for sale.
M&S have finally started mounting some weak security at the main road entrance but hardened criminals will ignore a vulnerable-looking member of staff, like the young girl they posted on duty yesterday. The Priory Meadow security seem ineffective too.
M&S had three thefts on yesterday morning alone, according to the security staff I chatted with at Morrisons.

Morrison will typically send a few 'heavy' members of staff to grapple with a person apprehended but refusing to accept defeat...

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